Terms and Conditions

VPH Roofing and Scaffolding Ltd company information plus Standard order Terms & conditions:

VPH Roofing and Scaffolding LTD company registration No: 3733434

Registered address: Norwich Road Industrial Estate, Norwich Road, Watton, Thetford, IP25 6DR
Contact telephone: 01953 888605
Email: mail@vphroofing.co.uk

VPH Roofing and Scaffolding LTD UTR No: 4105001305
VPH Roofing and Scaffolding LTD VAT No: 651 150374

Director: Mr Vincent Harwood
Company Secretary: Mrs Gemma Cassidy

From hereon 'VPH Roofing and Scaffolding LTD' will be referred to as 'VPH'.

Terms & Conditions unless otherwise agreed:


  1. Price excludes any MCD unless otherwise stated.
  2. All prices quoted by VPH are all deemed to exclude any applicable VAT unless otherwise stated in writing on the quote.
  3. Fixed price period stated on all quotations. |Market fluctuating labour & materials price changes then apply.
  4. Settlement 30 days on contract work after date on invoice, or 14 days on any other invoice.
  5. Written / email notice of 2-3 weeks required to commence / re-commence works
  6. All suitable scaffolding, hop ups, access towers, debris chutes and the like to be provided by Main Contractor unless otherwise quoted & accepted as part of VPH price.
  7. Hoisting to be provided by Main Contractor / customer unless otherwise quoted for.
  8. All structures prepared by others shall be complete prior to VPH starting works.
  9. Adequate hard standing adjacent to the place of works to be provided, adequate hard standing for
  10. Scaffolding shall be provided by main contractor / customer unless otherwise quoted & accepted by customer from VPH main quotation.
  11. Order acceptance subject to availability of labour and materials
  12. No variation works outside the original Contract shall be carried out without written instruction by the suitable main contractor site personnel or customer.
  13. We are unable to accept any liability for vibratory or movement damage occasioned by the Works such as ceiling damage from nailing etc.
  14. Water, power, welfare facilities, on-site parking and suitable storage area required to be provided free of charge.
  15. All materials fixed or un-fixed remain the property of VPH Roofing Ltd until full payment has been received. Where a material only contract exists, we reserve the right to recover any unpaid for materials & adjust the account accordingly for restocking materials & will then reissue a revised invoice.
  16. We have not included for out of sequence works unless otherwise agreed in main tender.
  17. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 7.5% interest above bank of England base rate.
  18. We reserve the right to charge administration costs in recovering any overdue account balance
  19. Works by VPH extending beyond 4 weeks working time or extending past the end of a calendar month will have monthly valuations invoiced for work completed at end of each month unless agreed otherwise in writing.
  20. Anglian Debt Recovery is VPH’s ‘appointed debt recovery agents’ to act on VPH behalf to recover any overdue debts as we see fit.

Please note we do not accept design responsibility

The above Terms & Conditions (unless any items are amended / deleted during pre-contract meeting) will be deemed to be accepted & included within the Contract Order between customer & VPH.